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By dramatically increasing your self-care, you stretch and strengthen your "willingness-to-have" muscle.

My ethnicity:
Born in South Wales. Strong family and work ethics. Self Employed and working mainly in a multi national Automotive Industry.

Currently networking with and influencing key Executives promoting workplace wellbeing. Re branding this year and launching Corporate Wellbeing for Companies.

I love to develop and create new projects. Experienced in setting up Corporate Gymnasium facilities and Wellbeing programmes.

Corporate Health - Coaching for Lifestyle Changes

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The Case

A healthy workforce is vital to Wales's prospects and competitiveness in the market place. Action can help ensure the people that are risk of unemployment due to health or health related problems are given the onsite help and support they need to maintain employment. The greatest asset of any Company is its people, and keeping them well and to remain active, with a greater sense of Work Life Balance. Large numbers and indeed employees from smaller firms can be reached and encouraged to acquire the knowledge and skills of a healthy lifestyle.

The Costs

London School of Economics Value of Rude Health Report Royal Mail UK findings over a year long study on 94,000 absent through illness or sickness could be brought back to work more quickly with Health and Wellbeing Initiatives. This report is available at

Providing Work Place Health Facilities and Services brought back 3,600 back to work cutting absence by a quarter savings of £227 million in terms of direct costs (wages and benefits).

As everyone strives for better living standards it would seem physical, emotional, and mental health suffer.

My most common consultations are in connection with obesity, muscular skeletal problems and lack of self-esteem.

Duty of Care

Help is here for better staff retention and bottom lines. There is now more than ever a strong incentive to Companies to encourage all employees to take greater responsibilities for their own health.

Benefits of good health and wellness practice are:
Fewer absences. Higher productivity. Greater effectiveness. Improved staff retention. Higher morale. It is much cheaper to implement good working practice than to pay the costs of absence and loss of business. By working together, employers and workers can identify workplace health risks and take simple, cost effective steps to reduce and manage them.

The Case Study - Royal Mail Report 2004 - 2007

Sustaining and promoting the health and wellbeing of our staff has been crucial to our success as a commercial business and is helping to provide the vital public services we deliver to UK.

'An effective blueprint for the UK sectors that most urgently need to tackle the issues'.

  • Activities in the work place
  • Fresh way to wave goodbye to stress - Colour Breathing
  • Work Life balance coaching
  • Hosting Seminars and Holistic Work Life Balance Workshops aimed at Busy Individuals and Professionals

Best Ecademy Testimonials

Ian McAlister Director Ajiri:
Carolyn fulfils all the pictorial perceptions you have of her, but really - that's just the start of it, and just to judge her on looks alone would be 110% foolish. Well educated, well motivated, and balanced - well, as much as a fun Welsh rugby loving blonde can be - she has energy that abounds and a well placed and projected use of her life's experience. If you have time, allow more for a coffee in her presence, and you will be amazed, amused, entertained and enlightened.

Oh, and PS: if she remembers I have less than 10 messages a day here, which would help! Its not that I am always busy and don't appreciate her - no one could do that to Carolyn out of choice or sense!

Roger Vanstone - Recruit12 & Harvey Stone
Very rarely there is a breath of fresh air to come to Ecademy and Carolyn is one of those people. She is very professional in what she does and really is dedicated to people's Wellbeing.

It is well worth connecting with and getting to know Carolyn and learn what she does and can do for you.

Recent Executive Coaching Testimonial

Jan Pritchard - Owner of 'thebestof bridgend'
Sometimes, whether in business or in our personal lives, we reach a point where we have to re-examine our priorities in order to progress. I had reached a point where I needed to clarify my thinking in order to help me move forward with my business. I needed a critical friend; someone who would listen impartially and help me identify those elements of my working life which were holding me back. I had heard about Life Coaching but didn't know if it would work for me before I met Carolyn. A few sessions with Carolyn was the catalyst I needed to re-order my priorities in order to achieve a better work/life balance. Since our meeting, I have become more receptive to new ideas, which will give me support and clarity of thought I need to take my business to a higher level.

About Me

I love life and make the most of every moment. I am fun, spontaneous and enjoy lively conversation. I love sunshine and living by the sea. Enjoy watching Top Gear and listening to Radio One's Scott Mills. Love lots of quick witted banter in calm surroundings to offset my hectic job! My job is on the go, and a very upbeat and a lively humour is essential.

Watching first class Rugby a must Yippee! Wales are Grand Slam Winners this Year!! Drooling over nice cars and the outdoors! Love fine art; architecture mixed with desk top graphics.

How can I help you? You can find out more about me on:

Contact Details are...
My website
Mobile number 07968567558

What I am looking for?

  • Global Corporate Wellbeing Coaching opportunities providing Work place activities
  • Busy Executives and Professionals Coaching Opportunities for Lifestyle Changes

Enjoy Life - Warm Wishes, Carolyn


To book a personal programme for yourself or for your business please contact me :
T: 01792 654814
M: 07968567558
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