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Ford Motor Company is strongly committed to the welfare and well being of all its employees. Fifteen years ago we felt it important to engage Carolyn as our Health and Fitness professional to advise our employees on all aspects of lifestyle management. To this day she remains an integral and very important part of our organisation. Carolyn's dedication to her job and commitment to our company's health policy is self evident and she is well known and well respected by all who come in to contact with her.
Her caring nature and professionalism is second to none. She is a great asset to our organisation. I would not hesitate in recommending her to companies who are looking to offer a similar programme to their employees.”

Bob Murphy
, Plant Manager, Ford Motor Company,
Bridgend Engine Plant. Client


“Because of an earlier presentation made by her to the West Wales Chamber of Commerce I invited Carolyn to take the opening session of an away day for my department. The intention of the day was to deal with some internal issues, which were not causing problems but needed interaction between all levels of staff to produce a team result. From the very first Carolyn worked on that objective and even went to the extent of visiting the office to see how people interacted, how the workplace functioned and even where they sat. On the day she was able to translate her research into positive actions in her presentation, spotting the 'stars' in the group and using them to bring out the less outgoing members. As a result, the rest of the day became very productive. I can only commend her interpersonal skills and understanding of group behaviour as first class.”
Tim Raine, Senior Land Manager, Land Development and Legal Services,WDA.Cardiff Client

For the past thirty months I got to know Carolyn on a Business as well as social level. She has referred many patients for rehabilitation. When an employee wants to join the company gymnasium, Carolyn does an assessment to determine the person's physical capacity and identify and advise on suitable exercises inside and outside the gym, including healthy lifestyle advice. If a person however presents with an injury or an underlying problem, which may result in injury, she would however refer the employee to me for physiotherapy and rehabilitative exercise therapy.
What impressed me the most through this interaction with Carolyn, is her enthusiasm in work and a healthy balance life for each of her clients. Her energetic drive for answers and efficient lifestyles is motivational to me. Furthermore she is a good listener with sound advice, especially when speaking from own experiences.
I wish her good luck in her business, as I know she will make a success of it through her persistence and hard work. Referral Client
IPRS INDUSTRY (Injury prevention and Rehabilitation Services) Dorylee Furstenberg - Biokineticist (Rehabilitation Specialist)

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